What is trump, and why we hate him.

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What is trump, and why we hate him.

Post by jokerjr on Sat Feb 25, 2017 12:23 pm

Trump is a Zionist Jew. Zionist Jews believe Jews to be the superior race and discriminate against whites, blacks, mexicans, arabs, asians, and all other races. In 1942, Prescott Bush (George Bush's grandfather) donated millions of dollars to the Nazi movement. So the question is not is Trump a Jew or a Nazi, the answer is, Trump is both a Jew and a Nazi...Jews and Nazis are one and the same. Nazis were created and funded by Zionist Jews, Hitler was not the grand manipulator, but was grandly manipulated.

This great Nation of America was founded by Agnostic men, lovers of freedom and Science. Trump seeks to destroy America's original agnostic values by tainting it with his religious agenda. Trump does not seek to uphold the Constitution, but is a fascist tyrant who seeks to destroy the Constitution and create an era of infinite tyranny, seeking to undo the very fabric of this great Nation. Trump is an enemy of Science, an enemy of Freedom, and an enemy of the original Founding Fathers.

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